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How to Enjoy What You’re Reading

A few secrets to making anything entertaining

Whether your an avid reader or not, you’ve come across boring books.
Books, blogs, or newspaper articles are all forms of writing, some gravitate towards a certain group of people. Now and then you will stumble upon a good piece of writing. It may have been a while since you read a good book, if we’re being honest there are probably more boring than good ones out there.
What’s unique about literature is that there is always something to learn from it. Just like how every person you meet has something to teach you. The problem may not be that you don’t enjoy reading but that you don’t know how to enjoy it.
Being able to read anything and still have the ability to gain knowledge from it is a special skill to have. Think about how many more tests you could’ve passed as a student if you would have adopted this skill. The truth is that some books need more attention than others, giving something your full attention other than social media can be hard nowadays. There’s something more addictive about being on our phones than being engaged in a book.
Reading and having a good time doing it shouldn’t be complicated. There’s so much to learn from different authors and genres, it’s unfortunate that not all of these topics can be presented to us more entertainingly.
There are some different ways to make any book more interesting to read. It takes some self-discipline and patience to use these techniques to their full capacity. These methods aren’t necessarily hard to implement into your daily reading time but they do require some attention.
Figure out what your motivation is when it comes to reading and these strategies will become easier to follow.
Read As Much As You Want
Why do you force yourself to read more than you want to? If anything, you’re stressing yourself out even more and creating a bad relationship with the current novel you’re reading.
What’s stopping you from reading more than two pages?
If you find the book incredibly boring than try reading at a slower pace and try to understand what the author is saying in each sentence. What’s the rush? You may be somebody who likes to move on to the next book as fast as possible but this can hinder your comprehension skills.
For you to enjoy the book that you’re reading, you have to treat it as if it were the last book you had to read. Building a relationship with your book comes from being genuine in your actions and with how much you’re reading.
If you’re repeatedly reading through sentences at top speed and have no idea what you’re actually learning from those sentences then you might as well stop reading.
I like to take my time reading and I also like to monitor how I’m feeling while reading the book. If I’m extremely tired then I’ll only read a two to three pages so that I’m not making myself more exhausted from reading.
Sometimes books are meant to be savored. If you happen to find what you’re reading to be really interesting, don’t be afraid to stop yourself so that you can save the rest of the story for later. This is a good tactic to use when it comes to reading short books because that way you are tricking yourself into thinking that that book takes longer to read than it actually should, allowing you to enjoy the book for a longer period of time


Ask Yourself Questions Aloud When Reading
Sometimes staying quiet while reading isn’t too fun. An easy way to make the act of reading more fun is to ask your questions out loud. You probably don’t want to do this when surrounded by a group of people. Try doing this alone or in a space where no one can bother you.
If you come across an interesting point when reading, have a conversation with yourself explaining why that’s important to you and how you could apply it to your life. If you’re reading a fictional novel, stop and explain to yourself out loud what’s going on in the story.
Make sure that you understand the story you’re reading, most times hearing your own voice when talking about something helps you to remember it better as well.
If you’re a student, you’ve probably seen some of your classmates read some questions out loud to themselves so that they could understand the question better. Also reading back some sentences from a textbook can be very helpful as well, especially a few days before a test.
As a reader, you should be motivated to find things that don’t make sense to you. Having the ability to stop yourself and actually question some conflict that you encounter when reading can be very beneficial to the relationship that you and the book have.
Think of the book you’re reading as a small mentor, they have a lot of wisdom that they can spread onto you but they also love it when you ask them a question.
Stopping in the middle of a chapter and asking yourself what a certain word means makes you feel more engaged in the literature that you’re absorbing. You might look a little crazy doing this but who cares, you’re going to be having the time of your life when reading that book. Even Albert Einstein used to repeat a sentence to himself for a better understanding of the material that he was reading at the time.
Set Small Goals to Accomplish
When reading something with a lot of lengths or with a lot of heavy information, you want to set small goals to feel like you’re accomplishing something. Not only does this make you feel good afterward but you’re also more attentive when reading.
Staying in the moment is something that is overlooked when it comes to reading. Many of us claim that we’re reading but in reality, we’re daydreaming about what we’re going to have for lunch later.
Looking at a page full of small words can be difficult at times which is why it’s important to set small reading goals. These can include reading a certain number of pages or trying to figure out a question that you had from before you read.
When having these goals in mind you are constantly looking for ways to achieve these goals no matter how long it takes. These goals become your motivation for the next hour or two that you’re reading. Just like with exercising you may already have a routine that you do but having short goals to think about in the middle of the workout keeps you motivated to keep going.
You should know why you’re reading a certain book, whether it’s a new topic that you wanted to learn about or you found it randomly around your house, there has to be a reason for reading. Use the reason to help you create your goals for each reading session you have.
There’s something to learn on every page, you’re just going to have to be motivated enough to figure out what it is you’re actually learning.
When I find a book to be boring I always go back to the title of the book or the reason why I decided to pick it up in the first place. After some self- analysis I’m instantly ready to start reading again and I have a new perspective when it comes to reading.
As long as you’re giving reading all of your attention then you’re bound to learn at least a few things from the novel along with the satisfaction of completing your goals.
Don’t let reading become something that you hate, make it into something you love by following a few of these tips. Not everything that you do in life is going to be enjoyable but there are things you can do to make them more exciting. I’ll leave you with a quote from Khaled Hosseini that says
“Reading is an active, imaginative act; it takes work.”

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